#1: Amber Clour & Ryan Fightmaster, Introducing The Real Life Diabetes Podcast

It’s official. Diabetes Daily Grind has a podcast! If you’re familiar with the content offered over on site, you’ll understand what’s coming in a podcast. Real support! The first podcast gives an intro to the passion behind the DDG and what lies ahead for the show.

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In the first edition, we talked all things diabetes, including:

  • Catching up on life.
  • Ryan’s getting stuck in a blizzard without insulin and how he creatively used a syringe given to him for free from a pharmacy.
  • Amber just hosted a big NYE bash. She broke down what being sick and stressed does to the blood sugar.
  • Our motivations for starting this whole website thing anyway.

Much love and credit to Mike Hosty for writing the DDG Theme Song heard in the intro and credits!

4 thoughts on “#1: Amber Clour & Ryan Fightmaster, Introducing The Real Life Diabetes Podcast

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  2. I loved it, you guys. Complete with the awesome intro song, the burp(s), the kazoo in the closing, and everything else. You had me smiling and chuckling multiple times through the show, and I’m excited to meet John. Sounds like I could learn a lot from him (and you two, as well)!

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