Just Keep Grindin’ — We Turn One And Reflect On Diabetes Philosophy

Just Keep Grindin' -- A Diabetes Philosophy


It’s been one of those weeks at the DDG in regards to blood sugar, with particularly persistent high blood sugars. A much enjoyed pastime of many with diabetes is the arduous, often pointless hunt for the high blood sugar cause. In our desperate search, we have determined it could be any of the following, not in order of likelihood: the full moon, stress at work, a new supplement, scar tissue, lack of exercise, hot weather, or menstruation (only applies to one DDG cofounder).

We also figured out, while on the phone yesterday, that it was indeed the official 1 year anniversary of launching DiabetesDailyGrind. Wild. What a year.

Now as a one year old website, with two members who still deal with the occasional round of unexplained high blood sugars, this is the perfect moment to remind ourselves, of our philosophy: the grind.

At a basic level, it comes down to this–just don’t opt out. Don’t quit. Stay present.

Even if your blood sugar is 308, pat yourself on the back for testing, take your insulin, and know that your grindin’. Don’t quit.

Even when your pump’s battery goes out at 3AM, you check your cabinets for AAAs to no avail, and you end of driving to 7-Eleven in your pajamas, while 256. Congratulate yourself because you’re grindin’. Don’t quit.

Even when you say something you regret, while being high, man up and apologize. Don’t use diabetes as the out. Keep grindin’.

Put in your 1000th pump site. Test your blood sugar for the 75,000th time. Give yourself Lantus for the 12,000th time. Just keep grindin’.

This is our path forward. It’s a deep understanding that life is tough. It’s our character, built with small actions that grows into a fortitude that can withstand anything.

So, next time you’re grindin’, know what you’re working toward.

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