Stop Those Low Thoughts From Becoming Real Thoughts

Dangerous Low Blood Sugar Thoughts

The low mind is a desperate mind: consumed by negativity much like myself after a Dallas Cowboys’ loss and uncompromising like an addict. In such a state, our mind can be taken by our deepest fears. If uncertainty finds itself anywhere near you life, you’ll find out when you’re low. A little worried about your job performance lately? You’re getting fired. Got a test in the morning? Bombing it. Things been off with your girlfriend lately? She’s cheating on you.

It’s one thing to have those thoughts; it’s another to carry them back into your presence as a sane, otherwise normal person, at a normal blood sugar. But this does happen. All the time. Think about it like a dream where your boss walks in and lets you go from a job you love. You wake up, go to work, and it takes until lunch to really trust your boss again. It takes awhile for the root of the thought to be dug out.

Same rules apply to the low thought. So, how do we prevent this thought planting process? Take away the water.

The order here isn’t always predictable, but it’s helpful to know that you’re low first. Sometimes the dangerous thought pattern will appear first; this is recognizable by the nature of the intensity of the thought. Usually it’s different than a sober, not-low thought. After treating the low, grab a pen, jot down the thought or worry on a piece of paper. Set the timer on your phone for 30 minutes. Find a way to distract your attention until that time. Call a friend. Meditate, although this is tough when low. Go on a walk. Watch an episode of Friends.

Now, reevaluate the thought. Is it still important? Does it carry weight? Will it matter in 6 hours? 6 days? 6 months? Be honest with yourself. Sometimes, you need to take action on a thought like this. Sometimes you can make peace with the thought, letting it go. But, if I do need to take action, I’d much strike out from a sane, otherwise normal place.

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