Never Say These 5 Things to a Type 1 Diabetic

diabetes spelled in sugar cubes

1) Test your blood sugar
– This is sure to incite anger. Who do you think you are? I know where my blood sugar’s at! Undoubtedly, each time someone asks you about your blood sugar, it’s always low.

2) You got diabetes because you ate too much candy as a kid, huh?
– NO!!!!!!!! I have no idea how I got this disease. My parents didn’t even have candy in the house!

3) My friend has diabetes really bad.
– There are no levels of type 1 diabetes. They all suck. They all start and end with taking insulin. They all involve sharp things going through your skin.

4) My uncle had diabetes and he lost his foot, kidneys, and eyesight.
– We are all very aware of these complications. Thank you again for pointing out these less desirable outcomes. I’m doing my best to avoid this.

5) I could never poke myself with needles like you do.
– Is that right? Do you think I have another option? Death vs. needles. I bet you’d choose needles too.

Know what we’re talking about? Feel free to share your own ‘Never Say’ moment below!

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