No Regrets Tattoos


A little over five years ago I had this strong desire to get a tattoo.  I’m a fairly rational person and could not justify putting something on my body that I might regret when I am 87.  What would be a part of the rest of my life….. type 1 diabetes.

A few weeks later while at lunch with my mother, a group of firefighters entered the restaurant.  While standing in line, I approached the handsome group of men and inquired as to what they would do if they found me unresponsive.   “We would check your left arm for vitals.”  BINGO!!!

As someone who REFUSES to wear a dog tag necklace or bulky bracelet, I thought the tattoo would be an artistic way of making sure it was clear that I have a medical condition.  I contacted my dear friend and tattoo artist, Ken Hall of  Hall of Tattoos, and shared my idea.  He was kind enough to pencil me in.  There is no mistaking that I have a visible tattoo and I enjoy sharing why I chose to permanently adorn my wrist with ink.

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