#102: Kyle Jacques Rose | Raising the Voice of People Living with Diabetes

Kyle is a seasoned traveler and person living with T1D whose career path has been shaped by the bumps and bruises of living with this disease. He currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for DiabetesWise who has launched the DiabetesWise Device Finder, a tool created at Stanford University School of Medicine to help PWD easily identify the best technology for their personal diabetes management.


Chief Strategy Officer, DiabetesWise

Kyle is first and foremost an advocate focused on raising the voice of PWDs, increasing awareness and expanding access to care. He has lived with T1D for 25 years. Formally trained as an engineer, his previous work experience includes mySugr (first employee), Abbott, Medtronic, Smiths Medical, Bigfoot Biomedical and Sanofi, as well as NGOs such as IDF, Team Type 1 and Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). He currently sits on the board of directors at the Intl. Diabetes Federation.

Several of the entrepreneurial ventures in which Kyle has participated have resulted in major acquisitions or global agreements in the diabetes space: mySugr by Roche (2017), Team Type 1 with Novo Nordisk (2011), and TheraSense by Abbott Labs (2004). Kyle takes great pride in knowing that products and services he has helped design, shape, and deliver are now being distributed on a global scale to fellow people with diabetes, but firmly believes we can do better in serving the needs of people with diabetes. 


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