#105: Jermaine Hargrove | Type 1 Diabetes is a Family Affair

What does someone who was thrust into the world of diabetes with no preparation do? They make animations of course! Jermaine Hargrove is the co-founder of Small Town Animation Studios, where he and his wife are impacting the diabetes space with the arts, specifically in the 3D animated films arena. His creative expertise and entrepreneurial spirit will help inspire people to better manage their diabetes. Let’s dive into Jermaine’s story and learn more about not all Superheroes wear capes, but some do wear CGMs.


Jermaine Hargrove, a person living with Type 1 diabetes for 14 years has 20+ years of using his creative expertise as an entrepreneur. Mr. Hargrove’s business spirit is superior allowing him to command the room with his creative ideas. He has become an influencer from his humble beginnings in the entertainment business making his credentials top notch. His creativity background ranges from being a music artist/songwriter, film producer, organizing and managing brands, to developing and marketing his own projects and businesses. Those experiences led him to direct the daily operations of his film/TV company called “Small Town Animation Studios”. Small Town Animation Studios is currently in production of the highly anticipated diabetic Superhero movie Gumshe The Type 1 Protector, a 3-D animated health and wellness movie about an African American girl superhero named GUMSHE who lives with Type 1 diabetes.


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