#106: Tim White | Diabetes Might Have Put Us on the Defensive

While getting the diabetes diagnosis tends to put us on the back foot, we can choose to deal with it and refuse to let it define us. Tim White is a diabetes veteran who has been managing his diabetes for longer than I have. He is a well spring of wisdom and shares his story along with his experience on living his best life with diabetes for decades. Tim is a prime example that diabetes is not a death sentence, and its management is getting better every day.


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Tim’s diabetes story started in 1966 when he was 13 years old at the time and has had Type 1 diabetes for 55 years. One day, when he was too tired to even walk to school, his grandfather, who was a retired surgeon, came over to examine the situation, smelled his breath and realized Tim had to go to the hospital where they found his blood sugar in excess of 750. After a scary time dealing with the diagnoses as a teen, he got through it and has been living with it ever since. He is now a retired attorney who is loving his garden and planning his dream vacation to Egypt!


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