#107: Kristina Loskarjova | Sometimes You Just Have to Step Back

To all those who need to hear this – yes you can! This is the lifelong motto of Kristina Loskarjova, a woman who sets her mind to something and makes it happen while living her best life with T1D. She shares how taking a step back from the pressures of management could be exactly what you need to get back out and start living a fulfilled life. Kristina is an accomplished designer, entrepreneur and author who is sharing her story and those of other people living extraordinary lives with this disease. 


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Kristina Loskarjova is a spirited businesswoman and author who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of three. She considers herself lucky for having been raised by parents who believed she could do anything in life. Kristina has enjoyed numerous exciting and buzzing experiences: from winning fashion design competitions, finishing a world-class business university in London UK, to starting her own company while successfully managing her health. Kristina is now showing other Type 1s that this lifestyle, and indeed any chosen lifestyle, is possible. Her goal is to prove to others that anyone, anywhere can pursue their dreams.


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