#108: Kayla Mattingly | We Don’t Need a New PlayStation, We Need a Solution

People living with diabetes don’t just need the latest and greatest tech, they need real solutions to unique problems! Kayla Mattingly always knew she wanted 3-4 kids from the start, but never imagined two of her four sons would be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She rolled with the autoimmune punches, but an insulin allergy has her family and medical team scrambling for solutions. Type IV Hypersensitivity to insulin is rare, but she has found a handful of other parents who are looking for answers. 

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Christopher, my husband, and I, Kayla, always knew we wanted 3-4 kids from the start. Never did we imagine all four would be boys. Having two diagnosed with T1D shortly after their first birthdays was a total not-so-fun surprise. But the insulin allergy….unthinkable.
Our oldest son, Baker was diagnosed with T1D in full DKA at 18 months old. I remember being so relieved it was “just diabetes” and my child would live. Of course I had no idea what diabetes entailed, but I knew people who were living with it so it was a win in my book.
When Thatcher was diagnosed in June of 2016 it felt like a punch in the gut. A second child with diabetes? Why him? Why us? This time the news hit me hard. It wasn’t relief. It was grief.
Not only were we balancing two type 1 diabetic children ages 4 and under, we also had the emotional impact of their middle brother, Sadler. Still today we find ourselves trying to balance his needs amongst the craziness that diabetes can bring – especially with an insulin allergy.
Shortly after both boys started pumping in November 2018, Thatcher started to react at pump sites. After a full year of testing and ruling out everything else that could possibly be causing his reaction at injection/pump sites but also his drastically fluctuating sugars, he was diagnosed with a Type IV Hypersensitivity to insulin on Valentine’s Day 2019.
Currently, Thatcher is taking Methotrexate to help suppress the reactions but we are searching for more solutions as this is only a bandaid to an ongoing matter. It doesn’t fully suppress his reactions and we are worried what will happen as his insulin needs increase.
We welcomed our 4th and final son to this world in August of 2020 after a life threatening pregnancy tried to take my life.
Starting the IAHA – Insulin Allergy & Hypersensitivity Awareness – along with four other insulin allergy moms, is my life mission. It’s why I survived. It’s why I won’t give up searching for solutions for these children. My eyes are clearly open to seeing this thing through.
No child should suffer from the very substance that keeps them alive.


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