#117: Kalex Williams | You Look Fine, Come Back on Monday

Isn’t it time to start injecting some much-needed diabetes humor to cut through the doom and gloom we face? Kalex Williams is a master at extracting positivity and he has to be one of the coolest people I’ve met! In this episode, you will get a taste of Kalex’s resilience in the face of his diagnosis and how he didn’t sit on his pity party, but makes light of it and connects to attendees from across the globe.


Kalex Williams is a radio presenter/producer at Westside Radio, a Youtuber with over 1.9M views, a DJ, and a diabetes awareness influencer who resides in London, England.


One thought on “#117: Kalex Williams | You Look Fine, Come Back on Monday

  1. Hi
    This was very informative
    I only knew 3 things about diabetes it was called SUGAR, can’t eat sugary foods and you take insulin. I married a T2 diagnosed 12yr b4 u met him. I witnessed 1st hand the damage uncontrolled Diabetes can cause.
    Many Many hospital stays, kDA amputations, blindness, IBS, chronic heartburn, depression and finally death in our home I found him. It was then I literacy in Diabetes causes, prevention, reversal and management w/o meds naturally. I won’t watch another person I lov die prematurely from diet related diseases. I Now Have A Message and the Ed to equip non diabetic s, friends, family and neighbors the importance of having basic knowledge about diabetes. CPR CAUSE, PREVENTION Reversal for Diabetics who believe there’s no cure, its progressive and a death sentence I want to Get Out.
    Thank you for much needed education. I’m following
    Great podcast

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