Podcast #120: Azure Wolfe | Loving the Skin We’re In

Every change that our body experiences as we age is connected to hormones, and should not be neglected. In this episode we discuss the changes our T1D bodies are experiencing in our forties. Azure also speaks passionately about the importance of connecting with others who are living with diabetes to support one another and recommends a community approach to diabetes management.

Join in to hear how Azure loves her ever-changing body.


Azure Wolfe is a 200 Registered Yoga Teacher, also certified in Yin Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Restorative Yoga.  She has led women’s retreats internationally and guides participants to live the most empowered version of themselves through strength, love, support & laughter.

Her approach is thorough, based on extensive studies in Moving Beyond Victimhood, implementing Restorative Practices, Pranayama, Loving Self Touch, Wild Woman Retreats and Hands-On Healing.

Azure’s classes and workshops focus on asana for every single body, for every level of practitioner in your community, with many options and modifications provided for the advanced yogi to the total beginner.

Azure has lived with Type 1 diabetes for 42 years and now empowers others living with diabetes through mindset, chats, community connection, one on one sessions, and any avenue that will help us to live a more expanded, easeful and open minded space while thriving with diabetes.


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2 thoughts on “Podcast #120: Azure Wolfe | Loving the Skin We’re In

  1. Hi Amber – Listened to your podcast with Azure. Impressed with both of you. Being dealt a bad hand, then persevering and overachieving. Inspiring.

    What other past podcasts were the best that you’d recommend listening to?

    • Hello Steve.

      Thank you for listening and for your comment. Your question is a tricky one because I find value in every guest. Is there anything in particular, subject wise, that you are looking for?

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