#74: The Future of Diabetes Management | DiabetesMine Innovation Summit Mini Pods

I was honored to be chosen as one of ten Patient Voice Contest winners for the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit. During the two day event, I was surrounded by industry leaders, tech gurus, genius creators of diabetes apps, and many fellow advocates. This Summit coalesced the mother lode of advancements in diabetes management, and a few of the brave souls in attendance took time to chat with me. Though our interviews were brief, each guest radiated an optimism and passion for helping to better the lives of those of us living with diabetes, and I hope their energy inspires you as well.


There are no show notes or advertisers for this episode as many companies were featured, so I’ve included a few photos.

Diabetes goes with me everywhere! There is nothing like giving an injection before boarding the plane.

Patient Voice Winners: Shelby Kinnaird & Mila Clarke Buckley.

An open forum is the way to go. SO many interesting questions.

A workshop in full swing. Deep thoughts and smiles.

I stepped away for a 20 minute meditation – eyes closed, feet in the grass, enjoying the sunlight when I heard a weird noise. I opened my eyes to see Millhouse at my feet. Like me, he doesn’t let his “disability” keep him from living life to the fullest.

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