#76: Chris & Candace Clement | The Importance of a Supportive Partner

Chris and his wife Candace are honest, vulnerable and a little sappy at times, but are the perfect reminder there are still good ones out there. You know, the ones who support you and your diabetes through the good, the bad and a serious hypo while educating their three kiddos along the way. Together, they resonate love, compassion and a supportive partnership and are role models for us all – diabetes or not.


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Chris has been living with type 1 diabetes for over 22 years. Candace has been living with Chris’s type 1 diabetes for 16 of those years. Together, they show how the love, care, compassion, and a supportive partnership can help someone with diabetes thrive.

Chris has been active in online diabetes advocacy since 2015. He created the Diabetic Ink blog featuring stories and diabetes-themed tattoos from community members. He also spent time working at Diabetic Connect which is how he began connecting with online diabetes communities and attending conferences, including MasterLab, where he met Amber. Currently, Chris is a marketer at Diathrive, where he manages content development, social media and community building.
Candace and Chris live near Salt Lake City, UT with their three children. They love music and art, and encourage creativity in their home. Chris is a musician and Candace is an artist, decorator, and DIY enthusiast.


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