#77: Monica Storozyszyn | Knowing the Difference Between a Constant and a Pest

I am wrapping up this decade with one last long episode, but I promise, it is worth listening to the very end and entertaining if nothing else. The theme of this episode is knowing the difference between being a constant, and being a pest. Monica backs this motto by providing actionable items and tips to help us relinquish fear and get involved. Her demeanor is calm and her voice is soft, but her words are powerful and changing lives for all people living with diabetes.


This episode was brought to you by InPen, America’s only FDA cleared Smart Insulin Pen + app system.


Monica has been rolling with type 1 diabetes since 1999. Currently in her last semester of nursing school, she previously spent time in western Ukraine as a Peace Corps Volunteer and in Washington, DC, in the foods program at the FDA. When she isn’t working or studying, she spends her time with her people (most often, rabble rousing).


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