#82: Kyle Kondoff | I’ve Found What Works Best For Me

I connected with Kyle on social media and like many of my past guests, he shoots it to you straight about diet, exercise and his diabetes hacks. He isn’t shy and shares his opinion on lifestyle and offers HIS take on things without offering up medical advice. I was a little squeamish when Kyle shared details about a current trial he’s participating in, but eager to learn more about the advancements in CGM technology from someone who is walking the walk.


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My name is Kyle, and I’ve been a firefighter for nine years years now and joined the T1D community (diagnosed) about four years ago. When I was first diagnosed, I thought I wouldn’t be able to continue this career path that I very much loved anymore. It took awhile for me to build up enough confidence to approach my chief as I was worried I would have to quit. It wasn’t until after I conversed with my chief that I knew I would never let anything hold me back. I quickly embarked on a low carb, high protein lifestyle to help me gain better control and maintain stable blood sugars. As long as I maintain control, I can achieve my dreams. I do my best everyday to show the world that we don’t have to let this disease hold us back from anything.
“There is no such thing as a perfect diabetic. We just try the best we can every day.”


Please note: We are not giving medical advice, but only sharing our story and management about life with diabetes. Please seek medical advice from your regular GP or endocrinologist before changing your diabetes regimen.

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