#84: Craig Le Fevre | Temporarily Donating My Body To Science

After being rejected to join an insulin therapy clinical trial, I was determined to find someone who was able to participate. DDG’s newest team member, Cynthia Celt, connected the dots and hooked me up with Craig who shared his recent experience as a participant in a rather intense trial. Thank you Craig for temporarily donating your body to science to help fellow insulin dependent dia-peeps. Keep on trucking… jeeping you brave soul.


I was diagnosed with diabetes 9 years ago when I was 26.  Managed by multiple daily injections up until last July when I got my first pump, which led me to getting a job with Tandem Diabetes in April 2020.  When I’m not wrangling my diabetes I go out to the hills with my family in our Jeeps. My wife and I have his and hers Jeep Wranglers that we take our 2 kids out in.  I also like doing DIY projects around the house and woodworking,  Diabetes was a big life changer for me but I’ve learned things about myself, had opportunities, and made friends that I would not have found otherwise.



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