#94: Sean Saint & John Sjolund | Who Forgets if They’ve Given an Insulin Shot?

With a little friendly stalking I had the pleasure of chatting with two incredibly inspirational industry leaders, and self proclaimed friendemies, Sean Saint and John Sjolund. Their drive to succeed and multiple success stories mirror my mission to help improve quality of life for all people living with diabetes. They are entertaining to say the least and had me laughing throughout the interview while giving me hope for the future of diabetes management. 


Sean Saint, CEO of Companion Medical, is an entrepreneur, executive, and engineer with a proven track record of efficient, innovative product development with the belief that it is better to move than to stand still. John was an R&D Director for a leading diabetes medical device company when he was diagnosed with T1D in 2011 at the age of 31. Now he is committed to creating tools, software, and devices for people living with diabetes that improve outcomes, reduce disruption and increase freedom. To quote John, “It is always possible to move faster if we understand the challenges we seek to solve and ask the right questions, the optimal path forward is often clear. It is this philosophy that drives our team to create best-in-class solutions, quickly.”

John Sjolund, originally from Sweden, leads and develops companies to make products that customers love by working with big visions, strategy, and operational excellence. Medical devices and digital health is his primary interest to make the lives of millions safer, healthier, and more balanced – using big data to help enable better decisions. John was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 4, but now he thrives in business and creates success through excellence.

He started the company called Timesulin, sold it, and now is currently serving as SVP, Product Strategy at Biolinq – and racing dirt bikes in the desert of San Diego and Northern Baja Mexico along with Sean.


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