#99: Manny Hernandez | Changing Paths = Code For You Have To Start Giving Shots

Manny Hernandez is a published author, recognized diabetes advocate, and speaker on the power of community for social impact who reminds us, while we are not on this journey by choice, it’s not a path we need to take alone. What better way to wrap up 2020 than with a brave soul who transformed his professional career to connect with others who understand similar challenges. 


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A health advocate who has lived with diabetes since 2002, Manny co-founded and ran the Diabetes Hands Foundation through 2015. In May 2015, he joined Livongo, where he helped grow the company from 50 to 600+ employees. He was Product Manager for the first ever Glucose Meter with Over-the-Air capabilities; he created a Direct-To-Consumer channel for Livongo for Diabetes; and he built the company’s Learning & Development and Workplace functions from scratch, and led Diversity & Inclusion, Recognition, and Volunteering initiatives. Since April 2020, Manny has been VP of People and Culture at Tidepool.org.

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