The Power Of Having A Diabetes Community


Happy National Diabetes Awareness Month! What better topic to write about than the impact the diabetes online community (#DOC) has had on my life. In previous posts, it was made clear time and time again how I did not fully appreciate the value of this random group of souls until I tapped in – I mean jumped into everyone’s lives. It was SO weird to be welcomed with open arms from folks I’d never met.

We often share with newly diagnosed T1Ds or parents of T1D kiddos, the importance of knowing other people with diabetes (PWD). This might seem simple, but we’re often on a “diabetes island” and can’t grasp how alone we are until we find another kindred spirit with whom we can unleash our fears, anger and deepest thoughts with. Each PWD is different and our way of connecting, listening and sharing our stories are unique so finding the right DOC outlet is key, in my mind, to living the best life.

There are numerous sites you can tap into, but in case you don’t have time to search, I’ve listed a few that come to mind, but for the record, I’m still exploring them myself…

Web Sites/Blogs:

Need help searching? Check out #dblog or #DOC on social media outlets.

Podcasts: You can search #dpodcast on Twitter to score the mother load.


I met this crew in April 2016 and made friendships of a lifetime. Thank goodness they haven’t kicked me out.

FIND YOUR COMMUNITY!  I promise it will save $$$$ and years of therapy. You are NOT alone.

There are SO many wonderful blogs and web sites out there. Please leave a comment below with anyone I’ve forgotten to mention.

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