Top 5 Pump-free Powers

Rarely in my life have I opted to go back to shots. It’s usually a last resort. My membership card for Team Pump has never been in question. I love the on-the-fly corrections I can make based on symptom awareness. Nevertheless, my employer switched up insurance companies last month and due to a few logistical issues I was thwarted back into the land of Lantus for two weeks. It wasn’t all bad. Check out the top 5 pump-free powers I rediscovered:

1) No strategic sleeping

My favorite pump site location is on the upper, outside butt region (almost above the hips). Occasionally, these sites can get pretty sore, even after one day. Because I pay for my sites, I like to get my money’s worth and keep them in for at least 3 days. At night, sometimes I avoid sleeping on a certain side if things turn tender.

2) Better toilet time

The Sure T sites that I use from Minimed are 32 inches. When I pull my pants down to sit on the pot, the pump can’t say in my pants as I slide them down. Each time I have to take it out and hold it. You might be thinking, “Really? Not that big of a deal.” When the time on the pot is your time to research OKC Thunder basketball on your phone, HUGE deal when one hand is occupied.

3) Extra storage

When wearing jeans or dress pants, my pump is always in my back right pocket. It’s like an extra wallet. There’s no side to lean towards. You’re just stuck sitting on both.

4) Stress-free security screening

All pump users know what it’s like going through airport security. When I traveled to NYC last month, not having a pump saved me at least 5 minutes both ways.

5) Absence of weird comments

What’s that wire sticking out of you? Is that your phone vibrating? Where does that wire attach? I’ve never seen clear headphone wires! I didn’t have to hear any of this for two weeks.

Know what we’re talking about? Feel free to share your own experience below!

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