#36: Clayton McCook | Sure, I’ll Close the Loop Too

In less than a week from our last podcast conversation with Clayton McCook, he managed to “close the loop”, by himself, with the help of many (including the NightScout Community). His focus is singular: restore as many childhood moments to his daughter’s life as possible, without diabetes hovering in the background. He walks us through the “closing the loop” steps and his bigger motivations. As a parent of a person with diabetes, if you’ve ever thought about tinkering with your gear to allow the CGM and pump talk, Clayton stands as proof that it’s possible to pull it off with determination, love, and a small desk somewhere.

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NOTES & LINKS:                                              

  • Podcast 31 – A Non-Techie Father Finds Nightscout
  • Christine Deltrap – Her son Jack said while holding up an iPhone, “Momma built me a pancreas”
  • Kate Farnsworth – another woman who wows working on closing the loop
  • The term, “automated insulin delivery system” more accurately describes the situation vs. artificial pancreas or closed loop.
  • Shoutout to the folks who made it happen:

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