Real Life Diabetes Virtual Happy Hour Registration

Real Life Diabetes Happy Hour Registration

The Real Life Diabetes Virtual Happy Hour takes place every Thursday from 5 – 6:15pm CST. The event has nothing to do with alcohol, but is for adults living with diabetes or caring for someone living with this disease. Each week is filled with laughter, lame jokes, trivia and live music with people who get it from across the globe. Don’t be shy, pop in and make a new friend. CLICK HERE to register.

One thought on “Real Life Diabetes Virtual Happy Hour Registration

  1. Hi there!

    I don’t know if the virtual happy hours are still ongoing (I really hope they are!), but if so, I would love to join.

    I’ve had T1D for nearly 32 years, diagnosed at age 7. From childhood through my 20s, I didn’t take good care of myself and mostly hid my diabetes. As a child of a parent with alcoholism, I learned to make myself as “small” as possible, so as not to be a burden. Obviously this meant that my management wasn’t what it should have been, as I did my best to handle it all on my own.

    After marrying my wonderful husband 15 years ago, I became interested in taking better care of myself. Gradually, my management has improved, and I’ve been able to keep my A1C around 6.5 for the past 7 years. More recently, I’ve added a Dexcom. I’ve been on a pump for years but am seriously exploring a much-needed break using MDI.

    But here’s the thing: aside from my spouse, I’m lonely in this disease. As an introvert, I struggle to connect with others in general, and I think diabetes adds an extra layer of challenge (for me). Listening to the podcast has made me feel less alone, and it’s been my daily walk companion as I’ve binged through all the episodes. 🙂 Thank you, Amber, for being so human and relatable.

    Anyway, I live in Austin, TX with my sweet husband and our very old rescue dog, and I would love to meet other T1Ds at the happy hour if it’s still going.

    Thank you!


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