Real Life Diabetes “Virtual” Happy Hour(s)

I’ve hardcore quarantined since March and recently started to feel the impact it has on me mentally. I miss my friends, I miss strolling the aisles of Target, I miss spending too much time looking at fresh produce, I miss brunch and definitely miss happy hour at a local watering hole. As I shed tears writing this post, I thought – why not do something about it.

Since the inception of the Diabetes Daily Grind I’ve hosted Real Life Diabetes Happy Hours throughout the US to bring people living with diabetes and their families together to celebrate life. The event has nothing to do with alcohol – even though I LOVE my vino – but more about sitting across from someone who “gets it” in a non-clinical setting. Some gatherings were small and others were packed. The turnout didn’t matter to me as long as whomever showed up made a friend or at least said hello. We shared stories of lows, tips and tricks on how to keep your CGM on and just basic banter about life with diabetes. Good times.

Well, I don’t foresee heading to happy hour anytime soon SO…. I’m hosting a weekly Real Life Diabetes Virtual Happy Hour¬†every Thursday at 5pm CST beginning July 23rd, 2020. This event is a great place to meet new people, connect with old friends and hopefully lift your spirits as you roll into the weekend.

Each week you a few of the following:

  • Cocktail video or presentation made by a mixologist or bartender who focus on low carb libations. Exciting, right?

  • I don’t know about you, but happy hour gives me the freedom to splurge a little and by splurge I mean, eat nachos or fried pickles. #mouthwatering I’ve rallied good friends and companies who will showcase a new bar themed, low carb recipe and/or product.
  • Live background music by a local musician
  • Cutthroat Trivia
  • Toast to the weekend – Who wants to submit something?

Space is limited so please be sure to register – Real Life Diabetes Virtual Happy Hour . Pop in whenever you’re free to join the festivities.

Please Note – This weekly gathering is for adults ages 21+

Hit us up if you are interested in sponsoring a happy hour, [email protected].

2 thoughts on “Real Life Diabetes “Virtual” Happy Hour(s)

  1. Hello! Are these still happening? Putting together a list of real life and virtual resources for our young adult patients living with T1D.

    Thanks for all you do to support the community!

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