Reluctantly Riding The BG Roller Coaster


I feel like a broken record because I’ve written numerous posts on the effects stress has on my blood sugar, but a few events last week reinforced how diabetes can take over your life. My life/work scenario forced me to take a seat on an insanely large BG roller coaster and I’m still waiting for the downhill plunge.

I believe a timeline is in order to help you understand.

  • Thursday – BG 214.
    • Odd because it’s usually around 120 – 150, my preferred roll out of bed BG. Maybe I have an infection???
  • Friday – BG 223.
    • Wait a second, maybe my hormones are a factor… I check my P-Tracker and it’s a little early for the shift in hormones.
  • Saturday – BG 242.
    • My family came into town that afternoon and I didn’t feel like myself because my BG continued to stay above 175. I did everything in my power to adjust my insulin, but nothing seemed to work.
  • Sunday – BG 254.
    • I scrape myself out of bed way earlier than I would like to host an all day board retreat. BG stays above 200 all day and no amount of insulin seems to help.
  • Monday – BG 264.
    • Are you fucking serious? This level of anger is sparked by the uncontrolled high BG and now my hormones are a factor… should be a fun week!

My professional life is only stressful because I put too much on my plate and have a hard time saying no. The past couple of days were a lot to handle and I couldn’t meditate or walk far enough to make a difference. Now that I’m aware of the cortisol situation, it prompts me to prepare for the “unexpected” plummet down the BG roller coaster. Any moment now I’ll be battling a day or so of serious lows. This absolutely sucks, BUT for the first time in my life – I will share with friends, family and colleagues what I’m going through because I won’t be operating at 100%. I’ll keep you posted.

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