I was an artist in my past professional life and want to highlight the artistic diapeeps. This section features artists of all medias, filmmakers, written word gurus and more. Let me know if you would like to join this list.

2D & 3D ART

The art world can be a tough one. Add diabetes to the mix and the diagnosis can be fuel or therapy. This list was created to highlight the brave artistic souls who are putting their work on display.


The film industry has finally picked up on the number of people living with diabetes and have launched movies and what not featuring people living with this disease. I would LOVE your input on what they “think” life with diabetes looks like.

  • The Human Trial – I had the privilege to interview Lisa Hepner, writer and producer, on the #126 episode of the Real Life Diabetes Podcast.
  • Gumshe – COMING SOON – I interviewed the creator, Jermaine Hargrove on episode #105.
  • Reversed by Charles Mattocks – episode #109
  • Purple Heart
  • Pay or Die by Rachel Dyers & Scott Ruderman – episode #135