Tuesday Topic: Yes, I Talk To Myself. I Know, I’m Working On It.

Self-Talk and Diabetes

Since joining the DOC (diabetes online community), I am continually impressed by the uplifting encouragement dished out daily. Really though, it’s amazing. It usually goes a little something like this:

Person 1 on Twitter: “I seriously hate being high! I’m so sick and tired of my pump clogging. It’s all my fault for not changing the site! #theworldisending”

Person 2 responding to Person 1 on Twitter: “It’s not your fault! Things just happen. Remember, this will pass and your sugar will be good in no time! #keepyourheadup”

This is our model. We’re all capable of this kind of communication. We dole it out by the hour. But, how often do we talk to ourselves like this? I’ll be honest. I can be hard on myself. I’m working on putting in place kinder ways of talking to me. Here’s a look at a few examples:

Normal: I’m an idiot. It’s not that hard to remember to take insulin when you eat.
Improved: Things happen. I’m not perfect. Take some insulin and you’ll be good soon.

Normal: I can’t believe I forgot to pickup the test strips from the pharmacy. Now, at 11 $#%@!*&# PM, I have to go to Walgreens.
Improved: Dude, everyone makes mistakes. I have a lot on my mind. Let’s dial up a podcast I’ve been meaning to listen to on the way.

It’s worth it. As Amber and I talked about on a podcast coming your way soon, a person with diabetes is two times more likely to experience depression. Give yourself a break. We all deserve it.

What do you do when things hit the fan? How do you talk to yourself? Drop us your tip below.

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