Stopped In My Tracks By Back To Back Low BGs


This image sums it up. There are days when I have NO control and feel compelled to tell the world to f**k off! There was nothing different about my routine. I gave 12 units of Lantus at 5:41am and headed back to bed. A series of weird dreams and the need to pee woke me from my slumber. I recognized this feeling and forced myself to get up and test.

BG 38

While sitting on the toilet, the number confirmed my gut instinct – BG was 38. No time to pee, in fact, my body wouldn’t let me. I stumbled into the kitchen and downed a Gatorade. I should have taken an Aleve because this type of low often brings on a wicked headache, but the brain wasn’t functioning with this low of a low. I chase the Gatorade with a bit of water and head back to bed. There was NO way I could be productive and I had zero desire to stay awake while my body recouped.

After another series of intense dreams – a wave of anxiety startles me. I actually wrote about this a few months ago, Tuesday Topic: Low BG vs. Hallucinating, Is There Really A Difference?, where I explain my experience with low BGs while sleeping. Instead of getting up, I glance at my phone and realize I’ve been asleep for 3 hours. I call my sister, explain the rocky morning and realize while bitching that something wasn’t right. I comment, “I bet my blood sugar is 64”. She is worried and asks if I should call my mom to come up and sit with me. I totally blow her off and think, what in the hell is that going to do? I head to the restroom and test. WTF?

BG 56

Nothing about this morning is different from any other so why does my BG refuse to cooperate? My day is absolutely shot! If I had a real job, this would be considered a sick day because my brain would be functioning at about 40%. I attempt to start my day and bring my coffee and laptop to bed. Sitting at the table was too much to handle. I fester and can’t believe on a day where my To-Do list is loaded with errands, it would have to wait.

After about 2 hours or so and a serious over correction, I take a moment to think. What would make me feel better? I lace up my tennis shoes, put in my earbuds and head out for a walk. Risky – yes, but I packed a snack, was close enough to home to make it back and my diabetes tattoo is present should I pass out. The walk brightened my mood and grounded me. It was exactly what I needed. Days like this are rare and could have been much worse. My diabeetus (hadn’t brought this up in awhile) may have control over my body some days, but I can control my attitude.

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