Summer Break – Energy Reboot

The Diabetes Daily Grind launched in 2014 and like diabetes, I don’t get a day off managing the website, podcast and social media platforms so I’ve dedicated some much needed time for a reboot – both personally and professionally.

This summer is the first time I’ve seen my two nephews in over three years. I moved to San Antonio weeks before my sister and her family departed for a three year Navy tour in Spain. My move was impromptu and at the height of all things COVID. I didn’t get to hug or kiss anyone before loading up my Subaru and heading to Texas so I’m spending every moment I can with my family before their next tour.

In March 2024, I will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Diabetes Daily Grind website launch and couldn’t be prouder of how things have organically grown. In case you didn’t know, the Real Life Diabetes Podcast just surpassed 260,00 downloads, is downloaded in all 50 US states and in every nook and cranny of the world – I mean that.

I’ve taken this much needed time to reboot and can’t wait to share what’s on the horizon. Below is sneak peek, but you can learn more by signing up for my newsletter and can binge listen to past podcasts in the mean time.

  • Revamped Affiliate Page
  • New Podcast Serie(s)
  • Partnership Announcements

I plan to spend the remainder of July preparing for and recording podcasts, negotiating contracts, lounging by the pool with family and friends, kicking everyone’s ass in UNO and Yahtzee, organizing my office, volunteering at the Regional Food Bank, and updating my Affiliate page with more reputable brands I adore. Stay tuned!

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