Surrender To Your Spiritual Side

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After an incredibly busy couple of weeks, I chose to take a “mental health” day.  As I delved into numerous articles and posts I had been hoarding in hopes of one day reading, I finally chipped away at the stack.  My first article was published in October by the AARP focusing on Type 2 diabetes.  Shortly after reading it, I phoned my mother and reached out to Ryan and a fellow DDG writer.  The article touched on how important, yet how rarely your mental state and spirituality (vital for a healthy lifestyle) are talked about.  So in a time of holiday craziness, this post is short and sweet because I feel the message is clear and a good one to start your Monday.

“Spiritual life is about surrender, not understanding. Whenever that part of you that wants to figure it out, or know why, or know what for kicks in, kick it out.

—Swami Chetanananda”

I am a planner and not understanding why something has happened or is happening – absolutely stresses me out or spins my spiritual energy in a different direction.  Today – I hope you’ll take a moment to take a deep breath, see the beauty around you and be thankful for the life you have.  As a T1D, it’s easy to jump on the pity-party band wagon, but I don’t need a free ride; my journey is long and I look forward to taking my time and enjoying the scenery.

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