Surviving a Diabetes Game Day – OU/TX Weekend

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Game days are a huge part of the Oklahoma culture and one game in particular brings out the crazy in all of us, the RED RIVER RIVALRY. Die hard fans from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas meet in the middle – Big D, where everything is bigger – including corn dogs and hangovers. The DDG has made this epic journey a few times and in spite of not going this year, we’re willing to highlight the madness through diabetes eyes.

What’s the beer consumption look like on an OU/TX weekend?

AC – Way too many to remember. It has been years since I’ve made the trek to Dallas and for good reason. I have no desire to consume my body weight in shitty beer.

RF – Friday night is a night out. Then, you wake up, go to the game, enjoy the fair, celebrate a Sooner victory in the fair, and go out Saturday night. All of this shares one thing in common: beer. It’s a 48 hours not for the faint of heart.

What is the beer of choice during the game day festivities?

AC – From what I remember, I might have purchased stock in Miller Light during my college years. As an adult, should I choose a beer, it would definitely be an IPA.

RF – You’re in Texas. Shiner Bock is the only choice.

Words of advice for fellow PWDS?

AC – Be sure to pack extra low BG supplies, let your partying buddies know you have diabetes and do your best to consume water every once in awhile. Have a good time and remember a good portion of the game day folks tend to over consume so should you have a serious low – you’ll totally fit in.

RF – Just eat. Consistently. If you decide to go the all-day party route, nothing starts a disaster like skipping meals. Avoid the low blood sugar. If you go low, it’s hard to bounce back, especially if you have alcohol in your system. I pack Clif Bars, and always stop to eat. Feel free to remind your friends that your body doesn’t work the same way their’s does. At halftime, I usually snag a pretzel and peanuts.

Anything you can share without killing your grandparents?

AC – I was too hungover to do anything on game day because the Friday pre-party in the hotel was a bit too much fun. I may or may not have made out with a few folks.

RF – It was Friday night at 2AM. I’d had a few. After a few minutes of futility trying to hail a cab, I embarked on a journey. Two miles traversed on foot and two hours later, having just crossed a highway on foot, I swiped my card back into my hotel room. My internal GPS thought it was a short walk back. Now with blisters, soaked in sweat, and a blood sugar of 42, it was 175 at the bar previously, I scrambled to find bananas, Gatorade, and trail mix. Survival. Next time I had these in the bag.


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