Surviving A Wedding Weekend

07.11.2014 was a huge wedding weekend for one of my dearest friends.  The bride is one of the my closest friends and I am so excited for what lies ahead for her and her lovely husband.  As everyone who has ever been close to someone getting married…  it can be a 72+ hour adventure of too much food, way too much booze, little to NO sleep and an emotional roller coaster.  As a T1D – it takes on a whole new level of anxiety or at least for someone like me who enjoys an open bar, but is challenged by the food available.  Here are a few tips of what I chose to do to prepare myself for such an eventful couple of days.

  • Bridal Brunch – I requested no orange juice in my mimosa.  Risky, I know and word on the street that is just champagne.  I limited myself and made sure to consume plenty of H2O before, during and after the brunch.
  • The hosts are near and dear to my heart and they put out quite the spread.  I soon realized after they served the main dish, that I really could not eat anything, even though it looked and smelled amazing (quiche with bacon, muffin with brown sugar sprinkles and fresh fruit).  They went all out and also served a swanky gelato that looked to die for, but I knew that it would make me feel like crap long term – I ATE FRUIT & SIPPED CHAMPAGNE.  No complaints.
  • I hydrated all day and even included a considerable amount of coconut water to prepare my body.  Ridiculous you ask – SURE – but upon the bride’s request of consuming plenty of vino and dancing, I refused to let her down.
  • The spread was off the charts, but because of my “chosen” restricted diet, I only consumed celery, carrots, a bit of fruit, steamed broccoli and wee bit of mac & chez.  All fine and dandy if I wasn’t consuming my body weight in red wine and dancing.
  • Only REAL complaint – as an accessory junkie – the dream handbag/clutch for an event does not always accommodate my tester, emergency candy, shot stuff, etc.  Note To Self: it has not prevented me from rocking some badass accessories.

Weekend Wedding Shopping List:

**Diabetes Daily Grind does not encourage the use of alcoholic beverages, especially in excess. Although, The American Diabetes Association cites research showing that moderate alcohol consumption has little effect on blood sugar. If you have diabetes, practice caution and always wear an I.D. that notes your diagnosis.**

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