#30: Deirdre Murphy | From T2D to T1D – The Re-Diagnosis Saga

Amber loves to travel so she hit the road and ventured to Texas (one state away from our OKC home). What better way to meet fellow PWDs than traveling the southwestern countryside? Before heading out she contacted the American Diabetes Association to see if anyone in their part of town had a story to share. They totally hooked her up with Deirdre Murphy, a lovely woman who went from an original Type 2 diagnosis to eventually being re-diagnosed with Type 1. In the 30th show, Deirdre shares her 12+ year journey and reflects on living life with T2D… and now T1D, eventually coming to a place of relief at the type 1 prognosis (a rare event).

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NOTES & LINKS:                                              

  • Take a listen to the full DDG theme song by Mike Hosty, HERE.
  • You have to be your own advocate because a lot of physicians unfortunately don’t have the knowledge to diagnosis someone with diabetes and/or properly treat you.
  • Methodist Hospital in San Antonio
    • Their message was kind and clear – It’s not a death sentence.
  • Deirdre’s Life Philosophy: I chose to continue living my life instead of seeing my diagnosis as a death sentence. So my feeling is that I am not a diabetic, but rather a person living with diabetes.
A special thanks to the OKC and San Antonio American Diabetes Association Chapters for helping us score this podcast.

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