Tuesday Topic: Does Your Vote Count?

Your Vote Counts

As today is a very important election day, it made me think of how diabetes has swayed my vote at times.  Not really a conscious decision, but as an intelligent, self employed adult, I had to research the candidates and determine with all of the political bullshit, who actually cared about my well being and pursuit of happiness considering the obstacles I might face with this disease.

In October, 2012, DiabetesMine published an article, The Politics of Diabetes in Election Season. As I read the article, I scrolled down to the comment section and was shocked by an anonymous writer. It spoke to me for a number of reasons.

The anonymous writer shared: As a child, my father coached me from an early age that I could not be an artist, an entrepreneur, a small business owner… in short, he coached me I could NOT be ANYTHING I wanted to be.

The reason for this was simple. I had Type 1 diabetes and unless I worked for a big company, I would never be able to get coverage by myself. (more…)