Surviving A Conference

meal card

Last week was a busy one with tours of the new gallery and the Oklahoma Arts Conference in town. Blood sugars and stress levels were all over the map, making my attention span and ability to rally each day rather tough. For the first time, I actually took a mental health day midweek, but more so to get my diabetes under control by focusing on my mind and my body.

Final day of the conference kicks off at 8am and the first session is an important one so I’m sure to be up extra early, eat a hearty breakfast and pack plenty of snacks so I don’t crash while engaging in conversation. Two sessions later and my stomach is growling, I’ve consumed as much coffee as humanly possible and head into lunch. I scarf down the spinach salad and eagerly await the main course before a fellow arts friend warns me of the vegetarian options. She is a fan of the DDG and knows that I constantly bitch about the lack of low carb options in a buffet or conference setting. Word on the street, the lunch option for vegetarians was pasta and grilled potatoes. NO THANK YOU! (more…)