Rediscovering My T1D Journey: Blast from the Past – Part #1

In 2024, the Diabetes Daily Grind is celebrating a remarkable decade of weaving tales from the lives of individuals courageously living with diabetes, including yours truly. As I take a stroll down memory lane, I find myself revisiting the heartfelt and insightful posts I’ve had the privilege to share. What astounds me is the unwavering commitment to authenticity and vulnerability in narrating the rollercoaster ride of life with T1D over the years.


Blind Dates & Diabetes, Part #2: Testing At The Table

Blind Date

Just another day in the single life… blind date #1 only made it to date four. Fortunately, the dating gods were in my favor and blind date #2 was just around the corner. In our initial meeting at a concert (not a good idea), the getting to know you chit chat led to what I do for a living. I gave him the cliff notes┬áversion of the Diabetes Daily Grind and it only took a matter of seconds before he said, “my uncle died from diabetes complications“. Strike 1, right? (more…)