Dia-what?… What is there to celebrate about a disease?

Nearly a decade ago, while at work, I excitedly announced to everyone what special anniversary it was for me. I marched around and celebrated my ‘diaversary’: the yearly anniversary of my T1D’s diagnosis. I was a one woman parade as I showed everyone the blue pin on my chest that read, ‘I love someone with T1D!’ I sang out my excitement on the intercom system and shared the joys of my holiday with the entire building. As I danced down the hallway, my coworker tilted her head, squinted her eyes, and with full befuddlement, asked me: ‘Why…?’ Why in the world would I celebrate a disease?


Forty Years of Defying Diabetes: A Swinging Journey from Diagnosis to Doctorate

FORTY. Forty years ago today, a worried, but determined grandpa took his sick 17-month-old toddler to her pediatrician. My grandpa flatly told the pediatrician that his granddaughter was sick and he knew she had not just diabetes, but Type 1 diabetes. The pediatrician basically laughed and said, “There’s no way this kid has diabetes—she’s too young,” but my grandpa didn’t quit.


A Journey of Resilience: Living with Diabetes for 17 Years

Living with diabetes for 17 years has been a journey that has shaped every facet of my life. From the initial diagnosis to the daily management and the emotional rollercoaster in between, this path has been one of challenges and triumphs, teaching me invaluable lessons about resilience, self-care, and the power of community.


Help Me Celebrate My 39th Diaversary!

It’s time to celebrate! On January 28th, I’ll roll into my 40th year living with Type 1 diabetes. Each year as this milestone approaches I reflect on how I’ve managed my diabetes over the decades. I’ve created a few ideas on how you can join me in celebrating another eventful year living with this disease.


#131: Jessica Landon | Embracing the New Normal

Jessica Landon, like many T1D parents, is doing her best to put a positive spin on the new “normal” life she and her family are living. In this episode we discuss how and why her family celebrate Lindsey’s diagnosis date, a Facebook post and the flood of comments from the online community – both good and bad.


#102: Kyle Jacques Rose | Raising the Voice of People Living with Diabetes

Kyle is a seasoned traveler and person living with T1D whose career path has been shaped by the bumps and bruises of living with this disease. He currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for DiabetesWise who has launched the DiabetesWise Device Finder, a tool created at Stanford University School of Medicine to help PWD easily identify the best technology for their personal diabetes management.

#98: Dr. Allyson Hughes | Research Is Me Search

Dr. Allyson Hughes is a self-proclaimed animal lover, methodology geek and research scientist who collaborates with various industries to develop research projects from beginning to end, and advocates for health policy with the data she collects. Having been diagnosed with T1D herself, she knows all too well the struggles we face. This is what prompted her career path as a health psychologist dedicated to improving the lives of people living with diabetes.


A T1D Perspective on the Día de los Muertos Celebration

I’m new to San Antonio, Texas and have thoroughly enjoyed soaking up the culture. On November 1st and 2nd they celebrate Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which also kicks off Diabetes Awareness Month. As I researched and witnessed firsthand this beautiful ceremony a few emotions surfaced. My Type 1 diabetes diagnosis almost 38 years ago was literally a death sentence. For most of my life I’ve worn this weight alone, but my mindset has shifted with the current pandemic and political state of affairs/nightmares. (more…)

The Clock’s Struck Five in the OKC Diabetes Community

Happy Hour

The DiabetesDailyGrind.com wants to share an hour of good times with fellow people with diabetes, their loved ones and parents of T1D children. We won’t be sharing research or promises of a cure, just celebrating together as we all live the real life.

This inaugural event will also celebrate DDG co-founder, Amber’s 32nd Diaversary!!!! (more…)