Eye Opening Moment Of Clarity

rainbow in australia

So I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been doing quite a bit of spiritual homework for the past couple of years. I often talk about this journey with Ryan and my close friends – but today I announce to the world a milestone – my Sacred Wound. In previous posts I mention my new found ability to talk about diabetes and today I had a moment of clarity – Diabetes has been my Sacred Wound and I’m ready to release it.

This journey began in early 2013 when I realized (was informed) my soul energy was at about 30% on a good day.
I immediately started to beat myself up because this is my fault and how in the hell am I going to increase my energy… I started reading. I did a ton of research and won’t bore you with the audio books, mediations and practices, but the journey continues to bring new things to light. A book I started about two months ago, “Calling In The One” by Katherine Woodward Thomas is my newest read. I HATE the title, but have thoroughly enjoyed the concept and homework. The homework for Lesson #12 is what brought me to write this post. (more…)