What I’ve Learned About Mental Health & Diabetes

In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, I wanted to share some things I’ve learned about diabetes and mental health over the past 23 years of living with the condition and working as a counseling therapist within the community.

Here are a few key take-aways: 


Rediscovering My T1D Journey: Blast from the Past – Part #1

In 2024, the Diabetes Daily Grind is celebrating a remarkable decade of weaving tales from the lives of individuals courageously living with diabetes, including yours truly. As I take a stroll down memory lane, I find myself revisiting the heartfelt and insightful posts I’ve had the privilege to share. What astounds me is the unwavering commitment to authenticity and vulnerability in narrating the rollercoaster ride of life with T1D over the years.


#149: Kayla Chorley | Normalizing These Experiences

Kayla Chorley, is a certified Canadian Counsellor and therapist whose practice extends her support for individuals living with Type 1 diabetes and focuses on areas of burnout, diabetes distress and hypoanxiety. Having lived with T1D for 23 years, she is deeply passionate about supporting mental health in our community. In this episode we discuss diabetes and mental health, and her experience with Canadian healthcare.


A Day of Firsts – Celebrating World Diabetes Day with Nascar & Champagne

Champagne Toast

Mark it in the books – November 14th I celebrated my first World Diabetes Day. This foreign concept was brought to my attention shortly after co-founding the DDG. Why had I never heard of this glorious day? As the day approached, I pondered – How am I going to celebrate? The bar is high as I’m lucky to share this day with millions of fellow T1Ds internationally.

I started the day with my normal breakfast smoothie, followed by coffee while surfing T1D blogs. The message was universally clear… (more…)