Unearthing Diabetes Discoveries #1 | Ulf Hannelius, Diamyd Medical

Welcome to Unearthing Diabetes Discoveries, your inside look at cutting-edge diabetes research. In this episode, I chat with Ulf Hannelius, CEO of Diamyd Medical, about their groundbreaking investigational immunotherapy that aims to safely and specifically slow down or halt the autoimmune destruction of insulin producing cells. 


Tuesday Topic: 4 Real Takeaways From A Scottish Type 1 Diabetes Study

Scottish Type 1 Diabetes Real Takeaways

Every so often, we at the DDG like to explore and breakdown what’s being presented in the nightly news, when diabetes-related. In the last week we were ambushed with this little tid-bit, “People with T1D have shorter life-expectancies”. Wonderful news right? Shocking? Not at all. Here’s the key background info: Scottish study, Dundee University, and studied 24,000 T1Ds over 20 years of age from 2008 to 2010. (more…)