#151: Molly Schreiber | An A1c of 5.0 was a Badge of Honor

I connected with Molly Schreiber after reading a heartfelt LinkedIn post about her family history of Type 1 diabetes and the tragic loss of her father. Molly is a patient living with multiple health conditions and an active patient advocate within those communities. In this episode we discuss growing up with a T1D dad, her personal T1D diagnosis, and how her role as Community Director gives her the privilege to spend time with patients, caregivers and patient advocacy focused organizations. 


Silver Sneakers Yoga

silver sneakers


I love the YMCA near my home for a number of reasons.

    • I am the youngest person by 25 years most days.
    • It is less than 1/4 of a mile from my home.
    • I can make new friends in the Silver Sneakers Yoga class.
    • I have yet to see a naked person in the locker room.