#145: Scott & Poppy Kinsel | Determine Who is the Pilot of this T1D Plane

Scott & Poppy Kinsel popped up on my radar after reading a heartfelt Facebook post about not letting type 1 diabetes slow life down after her recent diagnosis. In this episode we discuss Poppy’s misdiagnosis, navigating competitive sports, parenting, and what an epic adventure to Norway looks like with T1D.


#63: Erik & Teneka Williams | Hulk Sightings & Jiminy Cricket Life Saving Moments

My adventure to Arkansas, as one of the first Real Life Diabetes “taking the show on the road”, was a smashing success. This couple had me tearing up within the first hour and laughing out loud at the same time. They were welcoming, kind, a ton of fun and not scared to share very personal stories of living, as a couple, with Type 1 diabetes.


The Diabetes-Sports Idiom Series, Voume One: Playing To Win Vs Playing Not To Lose

Diabetes Management and Sports

If you, like me, grew up viewing life through the periscope of sports, the random sports idiom knows no bounds. Sport is often sold as the character molding force that teaches the lessons of life, builds camaraderie, and strengthens resolve. Being one that only knows my own experience, I cannot discount these assertions (recently though, I’ve met a few people who never played sports and seem alright). (more…)