News For The Cleaning Lady

It has been an incredibly busy two weeks so I decided to spend my first day off deep cleaning my home. Happy Sunday to me. I have a confession, cleaning makes me happy and I know the rest of my week will be more productive because everything is in it’s place.

I kicked off my cleaning spree around 10:30am and even put on gym shorts and running shoes. I wanted to be on my game for this day long adventure. At around 2pm I realized I had about 412 projects going and most of them were about 64% complete. Bed is stripped and sheets are in the dryer, shower is ready to scrub and dust bunnies are begging for mercy. Unless the bunnies can pay rent, I am evicting them and their friends.

At some point around 2:45 it dawns on me that I’m not completing anything. ¬†DING, DING, DING…¬† this sounds like low blood sugar. (more…)