Altering The Course Of A High Afternoon With A Good Walk

Walking And Blood Sugar --

Afternoons. The cyclical portion of day’s own calendar that most resembles summer. Summer, not my favorite season, but can’t say that I hold any disdain. Same goes for the afternoon. It’s the drawn-out gap between the morning’s potentiality and the evening’s evanescence. Outside of the symbolism, the afternoon happens to hold the bulk of my high blood sugars. Perhaps my carb-fiend lifestyle during breakfast and lunch finally catches up. Maybe I need to change up my basal rates. Maybe if I exercised more in the mornings it would alleviate. Whatever, I sometimes end up high in the afternoons.

Walking found its way into my afternoons. To say that walking has a certain, implied disdain amongst athletes, former athletes, and the weekend warriors, is fact. How many people in CrossFit t-shirts do you see strolling the neighborhood? “Why walk when I can do dips off the curb and burpees in the grass, bro?” The casual walk is mostly reserved to the following people: dog owners, couples who actually enjoy conversation together, and those without Netflix. (more…)