Taking A Leap of Faith with Bourbon, Bolusing and BGs


A year ago I joined the Bourbonettes, a wonderful group of educated, savvy women who come together to enjoy this delightful libation. A pairing of Girl Scout cookies and various labels of bourbon kicked off my inaugural Bourbonette adventure. Even though I was excited to attend, I didn’t partake. My T1D fears took over. I was nervous, didn’t really know anyone and had no desire to attempt carb counting with the fear of miscalculating and being a shitshow. Lame!

Last week the gracious hostess presented a fruit adorned Fancy Free. My immediate thought – do I take the leap of carb counting/alcohol consumption faith and join in?  I was the first to be served and nervously took a sip. Not too sweet. In fact, it tasted just like bourbon. Whew! I had a new mindset going in that evening, determined to try whatever was presented. Mary shared the ingredients and I guesstimated the drink had less than 5g carbs. Upon arriving, I knew my BG and chose to keep it a little higher than usual. I snacked on nuts and cheese and after an hour or so I tested again. BG was stable and I was having a glorious time sipping bourbon, chatting politics and solving the worlds problems.

When it comes to booze and even new foods, I tend to steer clear of the sweet stuff. I’ve never been a fan of margaritas, white russians or any neon colored alcoholic concoction. I’m by NO means encouraging alcohol consumption, but I wonder if I didn’t have T1D would they be more appealing? Would I have tried more things?

At one point in the evening a Bourbonette asked to see my tattoo. The diabetes flood gates were opened and I felt compelled to share my fears coming in to the evening. My openness presented a unique opportunity to educate, allowing me to feel closer to the group. I’m proud of myself for having the courage to overcome my fear, try new things and share my story.

I’m curious, have you been holding back on trying something because of diabetes… rock climbing, tapioca or that craft beer you’ve had your eyes on? Life is all about choices and diabetes shouldn’t keep us from venturing out so I’m actively pursuing new things and encourage you to do the same.

One thought on “Taking A Leap of Faith with Bourbon, Bolusing and BGs

  1. Definitely challenging to try new things, especially alcohol! Thanks for sharing the journey. I’m looking to start trying out lighter beers (less carbs) when out to see if it helps stabilize the BGs more.

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