The 411: Supplements and Diabetes

Diabetes and Supplements

Us folks with diabetes are bombarded by supplement advertisements. Not a day goes by without a cinnamon ad trolling the DDG inbox. The crew over at MindBodyGreen published this infographic from a book titled Knowledge is Beautiful by David McCandless. The book looks to analyze data behind the claims made by supplement companies. He even lists them out in a “worth it” area. The results are highly valuable in the world of diabetes management.

Interesting notes to take away from the graphic:

1) Cinnamon did not make it in the “worth it” area. Hmmm.
2) Aloe vera and its effects on diabetes management (most likely type 2) did make it above.
3) Vitamin D and coffee are awesome. If you’re looking for a good Vitamin D supplement, this is what I take most mornings. Country Life Vitamin D3

Supplement Effectiveness Chart

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