The Adventures Inspired By Hunger And Hypoglycemia (Just Another Normal Trip To The Grocery Store)

Going To The Grocery Store When Low

Being low does not permit coherent thought, most of the time. Thus, this article will not follow much of a format. Instead, we’re going to examine my thoughts, close to sequentially, as I navigated the grocery store, at dinner time, with a blood sugar of 54. (This was not a planned experiment. I tested to calibrate my CGM right before going in. The CGM was off.)


  • Free samples are never enough when low. Gotta find something more substantial. Gotta find something that once consumed can still be wrung up at the register. Hmmm. Can’t be by weight either. Damn it, bananas are out.
  • Soda isn’t necessarily the best choice. It’s got all that high fructose whatever, supposed to mess up your brain. This is a rather peculiar time to be health conscious, given I can barely stand up.
  • How am I going to buy groceries? I can’t even think. Well, conduct rational thought.
  • This Clif Bar looks good. Let’s go ahead and eat it. Not sure why I did this. Would have made more sense to drink the pop. But then again, I am low, who knows. Food feels good.
  • There’s two ways this can go from here, cause I know I’m not going to feel great for awhile. Either I buy nothing (analysis paralysis) or I buy everything. (Fact: I have to buy that Clif Bar now.)
  • Why did I go low? Was the it the CGM’s fault, really? Am I comfortable blaming technology for this? Was it me getting older and not detecting lows? Do I have peripheral neuropathy? (I played this debate out right in the middle of the bulk foods section while a woman waited to bag oatmeal. She was nice.)
  • Why is that carton of strawberries $7.99? Aren’t they in season? (This is where I openly showed frustration with a shrug and a “Come on”. Not a normal behavior for me at the store.)
  • Okay, gotta avoid talking to that person. Why am I even avoiding that person? I like that person. Oh, right, I’m low.
  • I’m breaking all the rules of the “don’t go shopping while you’re hungry” maxim. Although, going shopping while hungry and low is almost a new rule by itself.
  • Found the free samples! I don’t feel guilty for taking two (alright, three).
  • Cheerios or Peanut Butter Puffs? Fine, I’ll look at the label. Fine, I’ll buy the Cheerios. (The blood sugar was rising)


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  1. Or you might do as i did one day. i grabbed a box of frosted flakes and tore into it. When I was asked why I was doing that I said in a loud voice, because they are



    I added this item to the TUDiabetes blog page for the week of March 28, 2016.

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