The First DDG Roadtrip

Diabetes Road Trip

The DDG has officially embarked on our first road trip.  We set out for Emerald Isle, North Carolina somewhat early last Sunday. Ryan’s car was packed to the rooftop with Amber’s ridiculous luggage (ample amount of clothing and shoes for any social situation) and Ryan’s athletic crap (bike, camping gear, etc.)  The one thing that both DDG’ers combined their efforts on included groceries, LOTS of groceries.  We packed fresh fruit & veggies, nuts, trail mix, blue corn chips, salsa, hummus, some weird vegan stuff , cashew butter, good beer and red wine.   North Carolina here we come!!!

Before heading out we had the discussion as to when and how often we should stop.  We were both relieved that neither one of us really cared and were totally down to stop when we needed to pee.  Fact – people living with Type 1 diabetes seem to use the restroom more often and we were determined to stay hydrated.

Being that two T1Ds were in close proximity to each other for the good part of 14 hours, three themes emerged –

1) Constant competition to see who could guess closer to their blood sugar.

2) Attempting to tell the other where their blood sugar is currently.

3) Justification for the incessant, never-ending low-carb snacking.

We’ve arrived and the surf beckons. Adios beaches!

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