The Guide To Mountain Biking On A Random December Afternoon

Flexibility is opting to hit the trail, instead of the weights, on a December afternoon (when it’s 60 degrees outside). I couldn’t resist the urge and have no regrets. It was beautiful, I took the GoPro along, and the ride evened out the blood sugars. A few of these details are hinted at during the video, but here’s the ride logistics:

  • Ride Length: 1 Hour
  • Ride Mileage: 8 Miles
  • Preride Snack: None (see next bullet point)
  • Preride BG: 223
  • Ride Temporary Basal: 35%
  • Postride BG: 189
  • Postride Snack: 1 Banana
  • Postride Insulin: 1 Unit

In my experience, mountain biking is more of an aerobic activity than anaerobic, meaning you burn off a bit more sugar than say lifting weights. With this in mind, I try to enter with a blood sugar above 150, especially if I’m riding more than an hour. Today’s blood sugar was a bit higher than I wanted, but I avoided correctly, mainly to prevent any active insulin behind onboard (the jumping off the BG cliff effect).

Share your own strategies below! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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