The High Handbook: Rule #2

The High Handbook - Rule 2

It’s been a few months since the first installment, The High Handbook Rule #1. Don’t be disillusioned–I’ve been high plenty of times since then, only of the blood sugar variety to clarify. Here is the quick, diverse rundown of high blood sugar stimuli: tubing disconnected from pump, pump site ripped out, pump site clogged, allergies, altitude, and white rice. One might think, “That Ryan guy has a CGM, why does he still go high?” To that I reply with a few experiences. First, the CGM isn’t always accurate or timely. Second, the CGM isn’t counting carbs for you. Third, the CGM doesn’t contain you when the blood sugar’s in the 50s and the whole cabinet beckons.

Okay, now that I’ve established how high blood sugar is still an inevitable part of my life, let’s get into Rule #2:

Think about where you want to be, not where you are.

In the heat of the moment, that utter despair of sluggishness and bad breath, it’s hard to stay level-headed. Sometimes I honestly think my blood sugar will never come down again. It’s a desperate time. Yet, my blood sugar always comes back down. I’ve found this to be an important reminder to give myself when high. Know that your blood sugar will come down, in time. Now we’re getting to Rule #2. Let’s pretend your blood sugar is 275. Ask yourself, right before you give insulin, would I rather be at 175 in two hours or 65? Maybe you enjoy a rapid decline in blood sugar and sweating. Personally, I do not. I’d rather be at 175.

That’s why we have to consider the future. We may be high now, but let’s avoid being low later.

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7 thoughts on “The High Handbook: Rule #2

  1. Very wise words there Ryan. The amount of times I’ve ignored those rules, only thinking about getting away from that sugar high ASAP. Great mantra to remember.

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